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Spring or Fall, we’ve got your plants covered. Get your tender seedlings off to a healthy start as early as possible so your plants will be larger and hardier. Grow cold-tolerant crops like lettuce, kale, green onions and radishes well into the winter months.

As shown, your Frame It All Extendable Cold Frame Greenhouse measures 4ft. x 4ft. and stands 36in. high at its peak. Multiple units can be zippered together end-to-end, to create a continuous row of coverage. The zippered windows allow easy access for tending to your plants, and controlling temperature and humidity. The powder-coated steel frame will not rust or corrode, and the heavy-duty PVC cover will stand up to heavy wind or inclement weather.

Easy to remove and replace. When hardening off seedlings you may want to remove the cold frame completely during the day and replace overnight.

When used in conjunction with Frame It All Raised Beds you can increase your soil temperature even further. Our open-channel raised garden bed boards insulate the soil against temperature loss (protecting the roots), while the cold-frame helps control the ambient temperature around the plants (protecting foliage).

The applications and benefits of this cold frame are as varied as the plants you can grow inside it. Save money by starting your plants from seeds indoors early in the winter. Use the cold-frame to ‘harden off’ your seedlings, a process used to gradually acclimate your seedlings to colder outdoor temperatures before planting them in the ground. Simply place your seedlings inside the cold frame for increasing periods of time, (starting with a few hours a day) before bringing back indoors. Over the course of a week (or two) your plants should be acclimated to stay out overnight inside the cold frame. After your first last frost date you can begin removing the cold frame for extended periods of time. This period of hardening off prevents indoor started seeds from going into shock outdoors and lets them grow stronger and hardier. Seedlings that are started only under plant lights or on windowsills will grow lanky and weak from reaching for the sunlight. Having time outdoors will allow them to grow slower and stronger. If you don’t plan to transplant your crop into other areas of your garden, you can plant your seeds or seedlings directly into the ground. Just make sure to follow the transplant and sow guidelines on your seed package. Starting your seeds in the ground before the first last frost date is important for some plants and flowers that require cold temperatures to stratify. Certain biennials like foxgloves can be forced to bloom the first year if they can be sowed as soon as the soil can be worked. The cold frame can help protect the foliage once the seeds begin to germinate. Whatever you are growing, unexpected freak frost periods can happen many weeks after your last expected frost date. You can easily protect your established plants from frost damage with a quick re-installation of the cold frame. Fall is often a letdown for gardeners. The cold frame allows you to continue to plant cold hardy plants for several months (or year-round) while you are winding down and cleaning up the garden for the year.

Did you know? Micro-climates allow you to grow plants that are outside of your growing zone or season. A combination of a cold frame, an insulated raised bed and a protected location may allow you to create a climate many degrees higher than the outside temperature. Try growing plants that don’t typically thrive in your area. Protect plants that don’t generally over-winter well by placing them in the cold frame until spring. Experiment and save money by growing your own vegetables and saving plants that would typically have to be replaced.

  • No tools required.
  • Powder-coated steel frame, PVC cover.
  • Extendable
  • Simple to remove and replace
  • Raised bed sold separately

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