Solexx | Early Bloomer Starter Greenhouse Accessory Kit

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Solexx knows what's essential for our greenhouse. While you have total control over how you want to accessorize your greenhouse, Solexx also provides this convenient package, Solexx Early Bloomer Accessory Kit, to make your greenhouse more secure, ventilate better, improved climate control and weed control. This kit includes:

  • 15" Tie Down Kit (a set of 4 anchors)
  • Universal Solar Powered Vent Opener
  • 4 Closable Base Vents
  • 8' x 10' Black Shade Cloth
  • 10' x 10' Flooring

Tie Down Kit
Keep your greenhouse safe and secure in a strong wind with the easy-to-install kit. Twist the 15" tie-down anchors into the ground next to your greenhouse and attach the J-hook to the greenhouse frame. Turnbuckles connect the frame to the anchor. Easily disconnects should you want to move your greenhouse. Attach anchors every eight feet. It comes in a set of 4.

Solar Opener
Let the heat-activated Solar Opener do the work while you're away. Environmentally friendly, it automatically opens and closes the Easy-Flow Louver as the air in your greenhouse warms or cools. Louver not included.

Base Vents
ABS polymer 4" x 9" base vents allow fresh air to continually flow through your greenhouse. Mount a vent near the base in each corner for natural 'ground-up' cross ventilation. Close during colder weather to save heat. These vents are easy to install in your Solexx Greenhouse. Two base vents are recommended for every 4 feet of greenhouse length.

Black Greenhouse Shade Cloth
Protect your plants from the summer heat. Reusable black polypropylene 50% shade cloth filters out excess sunlight reducing heat on hot summer days. Lower inside temperatures help protect your special plants and prolong the life of your greenhouse panels. Reinforced, hemmed edges with grommets make attachment and removal easy.

Greenhouse Flooring
Durable, black polypropylene flooring eliminates weeds from the floor of your greenhouse while allowing water to drain. The perfect way to finish your greenhouse. It is easy to install and wire stakes are included.

Estimated Arrival: Between Aug 23 and Aug 30.