How to Install a Greenhouse On a Concrete Slab

How to Install a Greenhouse On a Concrete Slab

Base attachment to an existing or newly-poured concrete slab is acceptable using basic construction skills and common sense.

Below are the steps needed and some reminders:

1. While using a concrete base is acceptable we have not done this at our factory. We rely on images sent to us from customers to help explain each step. Some images show what we are discussing but are not used on the MONT Greenhouse due to lack of images at this time.

2. To attach the aluminum base (Includes) to the concrete will require a concrete fastening system. These are many choices but we found that the Tapcon screw is the easiest to use. Check directions from Tapcon for use and installation requirements.

3. You must use stainless steel washers with the Tapcon fasteners. The washers will help to disburse the load and prevent the head of the Tapcon from popping through the aluminum frame. The Tapcon will be sitting on the top side of the bolt tracks when finished. Customer is responsible for determining washer size based on the size of Tapcon picked.

4. If the slab has not been poured yet consider locations for a drain to allow water flow out of the greenhouse (will require slight pitch to the floor) as well as any roughing in for future plumbing and or electricity lines.

5. Check the actual dimensions of the MONT Greenhouse base prior to pouring a new slab. We recommend adding an additional 3 to 4 inches to the outside dimensions to allow for the attachment system enough room to grab onto the concrete.

6. Once the slab has been established, construct the aluminum base on the concrete slab.

7. Assure aluminum base is straight and square on the base

8. Mark the the pre-existing holes in the frame on concrete to drill holes for Tapcon screws.

9. Repeat marking on each base rail section.

10. When using Concrete attachment systems (including Tapcon), the screws will in most cases have a larger diameter than the wood screws. Due to this, we recommend drilling out the existing holes in the aluminum base to allow for this. The predrilled holes are all in the bolt track system.

11. Prior to installing the Tapcon screws (we recommend 1 & 3/4 inch - 2 & 1/4 inch lengths), predrill the concrete holes where marked.

12. Move the aluminum base back into position over the newly drilled holes and drill Tapcon screws.

13. Install Tapcon screws with stainless washers installed on each Tapcon, per manufacturer's instructions.

14. When finished, proceed with assembly instructions in the MONT Greenhouse manual.

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