How to Install a Greenhouse On a Concrete Slab

How to Install a Greenhouse On a Concrete Slab

Customers often ask us how they should anchor their greenhouse.  Here are some criteria. 

Choose the perfect location: Before erecting your hobby greenhouse, choose a suitable location that is level, has well-drained soil, and receives ample sunlight. Avoid positioning it under trees or other structures that may fall on the greenhouse during severe weather conditions.

Select the correct anchor types: Anchor styles vary with the greenhouse structure and foundation type, size, local weather conditions, and soil type. Common options include earth anchors, ground stakes, concrete anchors, and anchor plates.

Install anchors: While some greenhouse manufacturers provide anchoring kits, others do not. Therefore, ensure you have the appropriate accessories to anchor your greenhouse. Follow the manufacturer's instructions or guidance from a professional installer for installation.

Secure the greenhouse: After anchoring your greenhouse, inspect it to ensure that it is stable. Follow any instructions regarding securing windows, doors, and other components to ensure that they remain in place during harsh weather conditions.  Consider 'hurricane straps' or other tie down methods if conditions merit.

Concrete Slab

Installing a greenhouse on a concrete slab is the most common choice. Below are the basic steps needed and some reminders:

  1. If the slab has not been poured yet, consider locations for a drain to allow water to flow out of the greenhouse (this will require a slight pitch to the floor) as well as any roughing in for future plumbing or electric service.

  2. Check the actual dimensions of the greenhouse base prior to pouring a new slab. We recommend adding an additional 3 to 4 inches to the outside dimensions to allow for the attachment system enough room to grab onto the concrete.

    Concrete slab foundation install for a greenhouse -

  3. Once the slab has been established, lay the foundation base on the concrete slab.  Assure the foundation base is straight and square on the concrete slab.

    Concrete slab foundation install for a greenhouse -
  4. Mark the the pre-existing holes in the frame on concrete to drill holes for Tapcon screws.  Repeat marking on each base section.

    Concrete slab foundation for a greenhouse -

  5. Once the markings are done, pre drill the marked holes.

    Concrete slab foundation for a greenhouse -

  6. Move the foundation frame back into position over newly drilled holes and drill Tapcon screws into the frame and through the concrete to secure the base.

  7. To attach the foundation frame to the concrete will require a concrete fastening system. There are many choices but we found that the Tapcon screw is the easiest to use. Check directions from Tapcon for use and installation requirements.

    Concrete slab foundation for a greenhouse -     

  8. You must use stainless steel washers with the Tapcon fasteners. The washers will help to disburse the load and prevent the head of the Tapcon from popping through the foundation frame. The Tapcon will be sitting on the top side of the bolt tracks when finished. You need to determine washer size based on the size of Tapcon screw size you picked.

  9. Install Tapcon screws with stainless washers installed on each Tapcon, per manufacturer's instructions.

    Concrete slab foundation for a greenhosue -

  10. When the foundation frame is finished, proceed with assembly instructions for the rest of the greenhouse build.

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