Before You Purchase

Before you purchase a greenhouse, storage shed, or a substantial building structure, it is a good idea to do your homework.  Here are a few pointers for you to consider.

Find out from your local city building office if there are specific permits you need to obtain, or any building ordinances such as property line setbacks that you need to follow.  You should also find out from your home owners association about any rules you need to follow or approvals you need.

With so many utility lines (gas, electrical, water, telephone, cable, fiber, etc.) buried underground, call 811 before you decide where to build your greenhouse, shed or any building structure.  It will prevent accidental damage to underground utilities in the midst of your project.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have obtained any necessary permits prior to ordering. If permits are required for your area to use any of our outdoor products, then you are responsible for obtaining the required permits. will not be responsible for any permitting not approved. Check your local city, county, HOA, or living area rules, covenants, and ordinances prior to making your purchase. If you are not able to obtain a permit or not allowed to construct your structure for any reason after ordering, and you want to return your product this is subject to our Refund Policy.

If you are not sure where your properties lines are, check your survey and make sure that the intended placement of your greenhouse or shed is within your property boundaries.

Site preparation such as leveling and foundation preparation is key for a successful installation that will last for years and provide you the best benefits.  Depending on the size and weight of the structure, this might include pouring a concrete foundation, or gravel and pavers, a wooden platform, etc.  How you plan to anchor your structure can be very important, especially if your installation will be in a windy location. 

When considering a greenhouse purchase, two important factors to consider are weather and plants.  What are the plants you want to grow and how much heat or cold can they handle?  No matter where you live, greenhouses can be 20-40 degrees hotter inside during the day and at night they will be the same temperature as the outdoors.  This is without any supplemental heating or cooling.  Depending on where you live, heating and / or cooling your greenhouse can make the difference.  If you need to heat or cool your greenhouse in extreme weather conditions, you may want to consider a twin-wall insulated greenhouse.  We have more information here in our How to Choose a Greenhouse blog article.

While the kits for sale from our store are for people to "Do-It-Yourself", you may be more comfortable hiring a local contractor to assemble it for you.  Finding out all the associated costs and related tasks before you purchase the kit will minimize surprises and set your expectations realistically.  We have instant assembly quotes from available on some product pages, and also a handy installation services page to give you some ideas and help you locate and price various options.

Consider any other services you need for your greenhouse, shed, or other building, such as electrical service, plumbing for irrigation, and so on.

For larger / heavier structures, they will be delivered by a large freight truck.  You should consider the access to your property.  We have other important information about shipping and delivery on our shipping policy page.