Before You Purchase

Before you purchase a greenhouse, storage shed or a substantial building structure, it is a good idea to do your homework.  Here are a few pointers for you. 

Find out from your local city office and home owners association if there are any specific permits you need to obtain, or any special building ordinances you need to follow.

With so many utility lines (gas, electrical, water, telephone, cable, etc) buried underground, call 811 before you decide where to build your greenhouse, shed or any building structure.  It will prevent accidental damage to underground utilities in the midst of your project.

If you are not sure where your properties lines are, check your survey and make sure that the intended placement of your greenhouse or shed is within your property boundaries.

While the kits for sale on this website are for people to "Do-It-Yourself", you may be more comfortable to hire a local contractor to assemble it for you.  Find out all the associated costs and related tasks before you purchase the kit will minimize surprises and set your expectation straight.