Hoklartherm GmbH in Germany

Ideas Made of Metal and Glass for House, Yard and Garden

HOKLARTHERM is a German manufacturer and this is their motto that stands above all things. For more than 40 years, they have been developing and producing greenhouses, conservatories, swimming pool enclosures, gazebos, patio enclosures, solar porches and much more. Innovation and creativity are very important to them.

Kit for Self-Assembly

The constructions HOKLARTHERM supply are all prefabricated with a groove and bores and are supplied as a kit for self-assembly. They are usually easy to assemble. The kits come with detailed and illustrated assembly instructions nd a DVD to demonstrate the full installation process. It is important to read them or watch the video thoroughly before putting them together. This makes assembly much easier and saves some unpleasant surprises and assembly errors. All you need is a wrench, screwdriver, protractor and spirit level.

Delivery of a Greenhouse

HOKLARTHERM constructions are usually delivered as completely prefabricated, cardboard-packed DIY kits for cost-saving. The plastic glazing is packed separately, With a little manual skill and technical understanding, assembly is very easy. Each delivery includes comprehensive assembly instructions and a DVD. If DIY is not your thing, visit MyChoreBuddy to get an instant fixed price quote for your installation.