Custom Configured Janssens Greenhouses

We love Janssens greenhouses for their high quality and for their configurability. You can create and order your perfect greenhouse with Janssens! Choose from a variety of colors, sizes, and configurations to match your style and needs.

You can order almost any greenhouse that Janssens makes, not only the models we have listed. We are happy to do a free live screen share or phone design session to configure your greenhouse for you or to help you understand your options. You can also explore the configuration options yourself, using the Janssens online Configurator Tool. We can share the 'config id' back and forth to communicate changes and iterate on the configuration with you.

What About Simple Customizations?

Many simple customizations in standard colors can be done without a fully custom order from Janssens.  For example, we can usually swap the type of door, add doors, swap or add windows, add roof vents, fly screens, and other accessories and adjustments.  Call us to discuss your customizations and we'll let you know if they can be done at the warehouse or if you'll need to place a custom order.

How Will Customization Affect the Lead Time?

There are three categories when it comes to lead time:

  1. Standard models that are stocked at our exclusive North America distributor, Exaco.
    • Standard units in stock - these ship from Austin within 7-10 days
    • Standard units in transit from the Janssens Factory - typically there are several containers in the pipeline with arrival times from a week to a month.  We can give an arrival estimate for these - call us at 888-648-5333
  2. Action Models - these are stocked at the Janssens factory, and will arrive in 6-8 weeks
  3. Custom Configurations - a fully custom configuration has a lead time of 12-16 weeks.

What Can I Customize?

The exact details of what you can customize will vary a bit, depending on which of the 24 different baseline models you start from. 

The Action Models have very little available configuration, if any - usually just color and size.  However, you can also use an action model as a starting point and configure from there, thereby creating a custom configuration. 

For the other baseline models, here are the typical things you can custom configure: Frame Color (hundreds of color choices), Roof Crests and Finials, Glazing Type (all glass, polycarbonate roof and glass walls, all polycarbonate), Rubber Gasket Color, Greenhouse Length, Width, Height (Gutter Height, Ridge Height), Wall Height (where the greenhouse is on a stem wall), Doors (single or double sliding or hinged, and how many of each) , Windows (tile or louvre, and how many of each), Roof Vents, Full or Half Height Decorative Metal Panels (in place of some or all of the wall glazing), Window and Door options - low threshold kits, automatic openers, screens, stops, door locks, Seed Trays, Shelves, Sunshades, Benches, Nuts and Bolts for hanging items, Decorative Spandrels, Wheelbarrow Ramps, Touch up Paint. 

For many of the models you can also configure the greenhouse for installation attached to the wall of another building (one side of the greenhouse is missing). 

For lean to models (3-sided greenhouses with a single sloped roof, intended to be attached to a building) you can also leave off a side wall to create a 'corner' configuration that will be attached to two perpendicular walls.

One question we often get is do we have to pre-configure the position of doors, windows, and roof vents?  The answer is that those can all be positioned at build time, with a few exceptions and caveats.  For example, you can't put roof vents adjacent to each other.  On the 'Junior' models the doors only fit on the gable ends unless you raise up the whole greenhouse on a wall.  The corner wind braces put some limitations as to what you can put in the corners.  Sliding doors slide along the outside of the greenhouse so you would not want a tilt-out window next to a sliding door.  Mostly common sense.

How Do I Use the Configurator?

The basic workflow is to pick a base model, customize and accessorize it to your desires, save a config code and pdf, and send it to us!

Start here: Janssens Configurator Tool

Note: the configurator is available in several languages.  Use the dropdown in the upper right corner to select your language.

Pick your base model

If you have a config code from us, enter it near the upper right corner, and click the Load Configuration button:

Or, select one of the three large tabs at the top to view the choices for action models, free-standing, or lean to models:

Action Models

The Action model tab looks like this:

The drop-down button below each action model lets you pick some very basic choices such choosing from the available sizes (sizes are in meters) and Color or MF (bare aluminum) for the specific action model you are looking at.  Once you select one, you will be taken to the configurator.  For example, here is the EOS Junior, and I'm selecting the 2.360 x 3.836 meter MF (bare aluminum) as my starting point for the configurator:


Free Standing Models

The free standing models tab looks like this, plus you can scroll down to see 8 more models.  For these baseline models, the button below each one takes you directly to the configurator.

Lean To Models

The lean to models tab looks like this.  For these baseline models, the button below each one takes you directly to the configurator.


The main configurator screen will look something like this. Depending on what baseline model you have started with it may have more or fewer options.

The large image can be zoomed in and out, panned, and rotated using your usual mouse or touchpad gestures on your particular system.  There are 7 tabs on the right which are used to select different screens in the configurator.  You can explore the various options on each one, and here are some overall hints to get you started:

Personalize tab

Color, Roof Crests, Glazing, and Wall Color and Height - if you are going to put a stem wall in place as a partial part of the greenhouse walls, while preserving the same overall height of your greenhouse.  If you are going to instead build your greenhouse on top of a wall but you still want the the full height of the greenhouse walls themselves, don't use this option, but instead ask us about a drop door kit.

Dimensions tab

This will show you surface area and volume, which are very useful for heating and cooling calculations.  You can select from the available length, width, gutter height, ridge height, and roof pitch options for your base model.  You can also pick the standard (738) or narrow (369) glass width module.

Doors and Windows tab

Single or Double Sliding Doors, Single or Double Hinged Doors, Roof WIndows, Portal Frames, Side (tilt-out) Windows, Louvre Windows, Half Height Decorative Metal Panels, Full height Decorative Metal Panels.

Options tab

This one is a popup with two tabs - one that lets you select options for your doors and windows, such as opener types, door stops, screens, etc.  You won't see anything on this tab until you add some doors and windows to your configuration.  The other tab lets you choose accessories: Seed Trays, Shelves, Tablers (benches), Bolts and Nuts, and some additional miscellaneous accessories like spandrels (decorative angle braces).

Exposure tab

Pick your dimensional measurement units (inches, meters), adjust the image lighting direction and intensity, background scene, and automatic rotation.

Save tab

Click 'Save Configuration' to see your configuration code - this code changes every time you make any change to the configuration.  Send us the code so that we can work with you to continue customizing, and get you a price quote.  Click Download PDF to save a nice PDF of your configuration with a few different views.

Send tab

We recommend you don't use this one.  It will send your configuration to the wholesaler (Exaco) and they will not know which store you came from!  If you do, be sure to let them know you came from 

Save and Send to

Once you have a configuration code and a pdf, please send them to to start or continue a conversation with us!  We can get you a price quote, recommend any change needed for your configuration, and provide you a shipping estimate.

If you have any trouble with or questions about the configurator, we can help!  Just give us a call.

What if I Need a Customization that the Configurator does not Allow?

Call us, we can sometimes uniquely customize beyond what the configurator can do!  In some cases we may also be able to provide some advice on how to achieve what you need, without any any special customization.