Shipping Policy v2 DRAFT

Free Shipping

Free shipping to the US contiguous 48 states. For custom quoted products, rural deliveries, or hard-to-access areas, additional shipping charges will be needed based on our freight carriers' quote. In these cases we will contact you for confirmation before assessing the additional charges. You may choose to cancel your order instead, at that time.

Order Confirmation

When we receive your order, we will send you an order confirmation email, and your payment method will be pre-authorized for the purchase. We place the order with our suppliers immediately. If an item in your order was in stock on our site, but is on back order or unavailable from our supplier for any reason, we will void the pre-authorization, cancel the order, and notify you via email.

Credit Card Charge

Seven days from the date of order, or when the order is ready to ship, whichever comes first, we will charge your credit card.

Order Tracking

We will email your order tracking information when available. Please allow 24-48 hours for tracking information to become live on the carrier's website. We will inform you if we learn of any unexpected shipping delay. If you do not receive tracking information within six business days of your order, feel free to follow up with us at

Large Item Delivery

Large items such as greenhouses and storage buildings are too heavy or large to ship via package carriers like UPS, FedEx, or US mail, and will be shipped via contracted LTL motor freight carriers. These shipping carriers will usually call you to schedule delivery when you can be present to receive it, but they are not required to do so.

Please check the estimated delivery date on your tracking information. If no one will be home around that date, call the carrier and discuss with them whether they can delay the delivery by a day or two or to make some other arrangement. Many carriers will accommodate, but for longer delays you will incur storage charges, which you will be responsible to pay. If the driver attempts to make a delivery during an agreed upon appointment window and you are not there to accept delivery, they may drop off the shipment, or you may be subject to re-delivery charges for every attempted delivery thereafter. If for whatever reason you cannot be reached after a failed delivery attempt, storage charges will incur and you will be responsible for the storage charges.

If you have any special shipping requirements, for example gate codes, areas where a semi-truck may have an issue delivering the shipment to your property, an alternate dropoff point such as a freight-truck-accessible road pullout adjacent to your property, or if you want to pick up your shipment yourself or schedule your own ‘hot shot’ driver to pick it up at the carrier’s local freight terminal, be sure to call and discuss these with the shipping carrier as soon as you can.

Curbside with Lift Gate Service

All freight shipments are to your curbside, driveway, or entrance to the address. Since most of our deliveries are to residential areas, our lift gate service is automatically added to all shipments. With lift gate service, the freight truck will pull up to the curb at the residence, and the truck driver will lower and unload the shipment to the residence curbside. The carrier is NOT responsible for bringing merchandise into your home, garage, or yard, uncrating it, installing it, or removing packing materials.

Other Delivery Services only provides the aforementioned curbside lift gate service. Once we email you the tracking information you can contact the freight carrier directly to inquire about additional services that may be available (e.g. white glove service, placement in the back yard, freight terminal hold, etc.). You would be responsible for directly paying the truck freight carrier for any additional services.

Address Changes, Undeliverable Shipments, Remote Areas, Fragile Bridges, etc. is not responsible for any restrictions due to geographic location, inaccessible roads (dirt, gravel, dead ends, single lane, low hanging wires, low clearances, etc.), local covenants, neighborhood association laws, or any other restrictions that would prevent the delivery of your shipment. If you have any delivery restrictions that would prevent a large truck from accessing or delivering to the curb of your property or build site, please contact us prior to ordering. will not be responsible for any shipping costs incurred for undeliverable merchandise for any reason and these costs will be deducted from the customer refund. will not be responsible for any costs incurred for special delivery fees to deliver to an inaccessible area that requires special equipment or handling. Additional delivery fees for special handling will be the responsibility of the customer to pay. Some remote locations or locations with roads, bridges, or ferries that cannot take the weight of a large truck are not serviced by our LTL carriers and we do not guarantee delivery will be possible to these areas. If a change of address is needed after the order has shipped the carrier will charge a fee for this service called a reconsignment fee. All reconsignment service fees will be the responsibility of the customer.

Shipping Damage

IMPORTANT: You MUST inspect both your PACKAGE AND THE CONTENTS immediately upon delivery and immediately report any visible or concealed shipping damage. You only have 48 hours to make your shipping damage claim. Beyond that, you will have to pay for any replacement parts, including shipping costs, which can be substantial. Shipping damage is not covered under the product warranty. Different manufacturers have different ways of dealing with shipping damage, so if your assembly manual or stickers on the box request that you follow a specific procedure or contact the factory directly, please follow their instructions.

If you notice any damage, you should take pictures of the damage and also of the entire box and product, and make note of it on the receipt when signing for or refusing delivery. The driver should also sign, acknowledging the damage. If your package or item(s) do arrive damaged, please send damage photos to and we will process an insurance claim on your behalf.

If there is significant damage to the box, such as holes, dents, impacts, or open seams, or if the box has been heavily re-taped, please refuse the delivery unless we specifically instruct you otherwise. If the box or pallet was dropped off unattended and has significant damage call us IMMEDIATELY the same day at 888-648-5333.

If there is any damage to the box, including minor damage, please ask the driver to wait, and open the box and inspect the contents. If there are multiple damaged, missing, loose parts due to internal container breakage, or any large damaged part(s) - please refuse the delivery. Note the damage on the receipt as your reason for refusal.

If there is no damage to the contents, or if there are only 1 or 2 damaged small parts, you can chose to accept the delivery. In this case you must note all damage on the receipt before signing, and also endorse the receipt as “Subject to further inspection for possible concealed damage”. You MUST complete a full inspection of the entire contents within 48 hours of delivery and send photo proof to us immediately, to get free replacement parts. Outside the 48 hour window, you will have to pay for replacement parts and shipping.

If you sign for the delivery without noting damage, it means you accept the item as is. Even though there may be no noticeable damage, you should sign with a note, "Subject to further inspection for possible concealed damage." This will help give us the ability to file a claim for damage from the carrier in case you later discover concealed shipping damage within the 48 hour window.

IMPORTANT NOTE for Harvest Right

Please take a few moments to carefully review all the important information below concerning the delivery and inspection of your unit.

Shipping Details

Your tracking number will be emailed when we receive it from FedEx.
FedEx Info
  • 1-866-393-4585
  • FedEx Tracking (you will have to enter your tracking number)
  • FedEx will call you to schedule your delivery. The initial delivery date on your tracking info is an estimate, not the actual delivery date. The tracking info will be updated after FedEx schedules with you.
  • Do not authorize FedEx to leave the shipment without your signature. You must first inspect your Freeze Dryer, then sign for it while the driver waits.

Inspecting Your Delivery

Occasionally we see freeze dryers damaged during shipment. You should never accept a shipment if the box or its contents appear to have shipping damage. While damage during shipment is unlikely and not very common, it is better to be safe! Thank you again for your purchase and for your time working with us to ensure the safe delivery of your Freeze Dryer.

It is your responsibility to verify that your new freeze dryer shipment arrived with no signs of shipping damage. If you reject the shipment of the freeze dryer, Harvest Right will ship a replacement within one week.

Your new Freeze Dryer will arrive looking something like this:

freeze dryers strapped onto a pallet

Please follow these simple inspection instructions: Inspecting Your Delivery

The driver is required to wait and will do so for up to 15 minutes while you thoroughly inspect your shipment. Typical inspection time will be 3-5 minutes. The shipping company reserves the right to bill you directly for driver wait time exceeding 15 minutes.

Do not accept delivery of your freeze dryer until you have inspected it for damage. If there is damage to the freeze dryer, and you accept delivery, neither MyGreenhouseStore, Harvest Right, nor the shipping company will be responsible to replace your freeze dryer. You will be responsible.

Packaging and Pallet Inspection

Check for signs such as tears or dents in the cardboard, packaging, or a damaged pallet. If you notice any marks or damage to the packaging, point these out to the driver. Ask the driver to note the marks/damage on the appropriate documentation. If there is any other packaging added, the shipping carrier may have repackaged it. In this case, ask the driver to inspect. Taking photos is recommended if there is any concern.

Contents Inspection - Open the Packaging

Open the packaging and further inspect to see if the Freeze Dryer itself has been damaged in transit. This only takes a few minutes and will assure that you receive your unit in the condition it left the manufacturer.


By signing the delivery slip, you are agreeing that the unit arrived and was delivered to you undamaged. Do not accept delivery if there is noticeable damage to the packaging or the Freeze Dryer caused by shipping.

Getting Started

A door pad is NOT included with your Freeze Dryer order. It isn't needed for operation and can cause vacuum seal issues if improperly placed.

As you begin your freeze drying adventures, here are some key links:

If You Need Help

If you have any questions or need assistance with your Freeze Dryer, contact Harvest Right Customer Support at 801-386-8960.


DO NOT accept delivery of your DuraMax product until you have inspected it for damage. The driver may not want to wait for you to inspect it, however, you can tell him to wait anyway. If there is damage to the product, and you accept delivery, without noting the damage, then neither DuraMax nor the shipping company will be responsible to replace your product. You will be responsible. There is large RED sticker on the box that looks similar to this:

DuraMax Shipping Inspection Policy - email

Read and follow the directions on this sticker BEFORE signing for the delivery.

Replacement Parts

To ensure your assembly is a smooth and productive process, please inventory and examine your kit immediately after receiving. Take notes and pictures of any missing, defective, or damaged parts. Report the information to us (or to the manufacturer if so directed) and we will arrange to provide you the replacement parts at no cost. We will NOT accept full returns on any products due to missing, defective, or damaged parts.