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Hey abby is a climate-controlled hydroponic indoor grow box that doesn't require any new skills or knowledge to grow your favorite plants. Hydroponic technology and environmental simulators combine to create an automated plant growing system that anyone can use.

"Hey abby is super fun, super smart, super intuitive: if you've got a busy lifestyle, than this is for you"

"Really sleek, even the little details...She’s an all-in-one grow box and the fact that you can just set it and forget it is really great."

Do you love to grow plants but have a black thumb? Do you enjoy organic vegetables but have no space to grow your own? The original Hey abby Computerized Automatic Hydroponic Indoor Grow Box could be your solution to grow your favorite plants, vegetables, herbs, and cannabis indoors at home with no skill and little space.

Grow boxes are not new but it is hard to find one that's easy, fun, cool, and stylish.

EASY. The Hey abby Computerized Automatic Hydroponic Indoor Grow Box is designed for anyone from the beginner to the serious gardener to grow plants indoors at home. The machine is pre-assembled and ready to plug and play. Everything you need to grow comes with the package. Each Hey abby Grow Box Kit includes:

  • plant trellis net to help support the plant,
  • pruning sheer to trim the plant,
  • magnetic hooks to hold the trellis net,
  • airstone air diffuser to provide fresh air to the root,
  • strainer,
  • low-stress training (LST) ties to tie and guide the growth of the plant,
  • power cord for the Grow Box,
  • 3 Month Subscription Included.

Hey abby Indoor Grow Box has sunlight, flowing water and breezing air all in one little box. So you are ready to rock and roll from the get go.

FUN. The Hey abby Computerized Automatic Hydroponic Indoor Grow Box is a fully automated eco-system. It combines hydroponic technology and computerized environmental simulators to create an optimized growing system. It simulates sunlight, regulates temperatures and moisture, maintains healthy water and air circulation. These are all the essential elements plants need to thrive. You will have all the fun of watching your plants grow without the fuss of environmental control.

ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY. The smart design of this grow box has little impact on the environment and is easy on your energy bills. A study in California shows that an average Hey abby Grow Box uses less than $6 of electricity a month, i.e. 70% less than the tradition closet growing setup with the same yield.

FITS YOUR LIFESTYLE. With the urban grower in mind, the 2 square foot footprint grow cabinet can fit in any space with ease. The Hey abby Indoor Grow Box's sleek and minimal design blends into most home decors. A magnetic cover protects your privacy and prevents external light from interfering with your plant. It functions with low noise that’s equivalent to a white noise machine, and gives low light emission. The dual carbon filter removes odors, keeping the air smelling fresh.

BEST QUALITY. Light is the lifeline of plants. Plants needs energy in order to grow, bloom and produce seeds. The energy is produced through photosynthesis, the process within a plant that converts light, oxygen and water into carbohydrates. Hey abby Computerized Automatic Hydroponic Indoor Grow Box uses full-spectrum LED lighting (Samsung LM301H) and intelligent algorithms to provide your plants with an adaptive light schedule. An intelligent interactive dial ensures you always know the well-being of your plant.

GROW TOGETHER. The Hey abby Subscription includes incredible features that enhance your growing experience, including 1-on-1 growing support from our in-house growers for the first year through the Hey abby app for Android and iOS. You also have access to a large and growing community where you can share and learn from other plant and cannabis enthusiasts. With the subscription, you'll get everything you need to enjoy a truly optimized experience, including high-quality nutrients, cloud-based climate control, resupplied carbon filters and plant baskets.


  • abby's innovative original solid fertilizer x 8 (every quarter)
  • Activated carbon filter x 2 (every quarter)
  • Sponge x 1, plant basket x 1 (every quarter)
  • Fully APP community features (accessible expert support, oxygen rewards, IOT control, Plant community)
Hey abby Computerized Automatic Hydroponic Grow Box Overview Video
  • Comes assembled with all the parts you need to start growing right away.
  • 2 square ft footprint, so it fits in anywhere and looks great.
  • Zero experience required. Just follow simple directions.
  • Fully computerized and automated to provide the best condition for healthy plant growth.
  • Best-in-class LED lighting system (Samsung LM301H) to help the plants grow.
  • Advanced hydroponic technology that provides a clean growing environment.
  • 1-on-1 growing support
  • Up to 8oz yield every three months
  • 3 Month Subscription Included
  • Share and learn through a passionate growing community
  • Financing available through Affirm
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
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Hey abby grow box what's in the box

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1 Year Limited Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Chris M. (reviewed on heyabby.com)

10/10 incredible product. Lets get the elephant out of the room- this is a brand new product and every brand new product has some kinks in the rope- but the Abby support team is incredible. After joining the discord you are welcomed by numerous staff and other Abby growers all growing various plants at various stages. The staff and members are always around to help out when I have questions. As someone who is terrible with plants - inside or outside my family kills plants. We just have "brown thumbs", but Abby has made this process fool proof. With all the equipment needed to grow and fruit any plant you like- Abby makes growing easy for even those of us with terrible gardening skills. I highly recommend Abby for your home hydroponic needs, and hope you too can start growing your own fruits and veg at home! This unit has been such an incredible experience for me that we are looking forward to adding a second unit after our first harvest!

Alexander R. (reviewed on heyabby.com)

I was an early kickstarter backer of this IoT device. This is the easiest way to grow anything in hydroponics. The support team is phenomenal and quick to respond should you need assistance. What I love best about Abby is that you need zero experience growing. This has got to be one of the coolest IoT devices on the market. An all around fantastic product for home grown hydroponics.

Sean M. (reviewed on heyabby.com)
Love It!

I love it. I was skeptical that it would just be another box that doesn’t meet expectations like growbo and others, but this thing was pretty much plug and play.. it’s pretty easy to use honestly.. and I just finished the first grow.. I definitely recommend

Shelby M. (reviewed on heyabby.com)
Very Impressed

All I can say is I’m very impressed.. from the unit, the the community of Abby owner and the support, it’s been awesome !! I highly recommend getting yourself an ABBY!!

Jordan K. (reviewed on heyabby.com)
Great Experience

I’ve had a great experience with my Abby! First hydro grow is very successful and very easy to maintain, with my crazy busy schedule! The support chain is also a gift from the abby gods! Discord app channel is very helpful with tons of Abby growers there to help and share their experiences!!

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  • Can I use this to grow tomatoes? What about oranges?

    Yes, you can grow just about any plant - no soil needed.