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Shade cloth curtains are an optimal solution for greenhouses.  Especially in greenhouses with garden glass or ISO safety glass, shading is absolutely necessary to prevent "burning" on your plants from too much direct sunlight.  These nice high quality self-retracting/roll-up white aluminized shade cloth curtains filter out excess sunlight, reducing heat on hot summer days. Lower inside temperatures help protect your special plants and create a cooler environment for your entertaining. 

These Hoklartherm shade curtains fit all makes of greenhouse.  A roller blind is mounted in the housing/shade ready to be pulled out. The roller blind housing is fastened at eave height (for wall shades) or on the roof ridge (for roof shades) using brackets and screws, hanging chains, etc. The wall roller blind can be pulled out approximately 8 ft and attached to the floor profile of the greenhouse using the screw hooks supplied. 

These are available for both the roof and for side walls. The roof units will hang down from the ridge beam and consist of 2 rolls each: one going left the other right.  The wall units are sold as individual rolls.

Each roll is 8 feet of shade cloth with aluminum weave, available in 6 widths.

NOTE: For Janssens Victorian greenhouses - a standard glass section is 29.5" wide. So the 59" & 88" sets work the best, depending on your portal frames, spandrels, and window spacing plan.  For the Janssens Modern greenhouses, we have these shade cloth curtains in an extra-long size for them, please see this page.

The special Hoklartherm shading fabric is white with a high aluminum content, making it highly reflective. Solar radiation is reflected by the fabric and thus not converted into heat (reflection principle, roughly corresponds to that of a mirror - no heat is generated on a mirror; in contrast, a black background gets really hot). The opinion is often expressed that interior shading is not effective and that exterior shading is therefore preferable. This is only partially true, the right shading material - light/white with a large amount of silver, moisture-resistant, UV-stable, dirt-repellent - is crucial. 

Shading should be installed before the plants in the greenhouse have grown too large . The sun can heat up your greenhouse quite a bit. If the temperatures rise too high, the plants practically curl up. This is how they try to brave the heat. However, this severely limits plant growth. A bad harvest or even a complete crop failure is imminent. Interior shading can help here. Although the interior shading still lets the sunlight through the greenhouse panes, it gives the plants enough shade and thus lowers the greenhouse interior temperature. Important, the heat must escape through appropriate ventilation options - greenhouse windows, doors, exhaust fans.

All large production greenhouses have automatic interior shading with this type of shading fabric! Advantage: The shading is not exposed to the weather (wind and rain). This helps create a pleasant and growth-friendly climate in the greenhouse . Build and trust in our many years of experience!

Assembly Instructions
Roller Shades Assembly Instructions

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  • What size(s) retractable shading for a 10x15 V134 roof would you recommend? How do they move up and down and how easy is it to install and use (greenhouse is already built)? Also, recommendations on also including side shades for 1 15" side and 1 10" side? Thank you

    Two of the 88 9/16' Roof Shade sets would best fit the VI 34 roof. These can fit regardless of spandrels and portal frames (they would then hang below the spandrel/portal frame). The way this works is that the retractable roller shades hang from chains, so you can hang them lower than any of these items – this makes them very versatile. The only interference on many of the Victorians is the diagonal support that runs from the gable end up to the ridge. In one greenhouse I know of, the ower threaded that rod between the two rolls and it worked well. Alternatively, you could go with a shorter length shade rolls and hang the shades lower to be below the diagonal. One other option is cutting the “hood” around the shade, but this is definitely a higher level, and the diagonal does squeeze between. You will need to retract the shade to manually operate roof openers, but auto-openers can work fine even if they are directly above an extended shade.

    Note that for the side shades, they will not fit over a spandrel or portal frame, nor can they be practically pulled down past an attached bench. In these cases you should fit sizes that go in between those elements, or just realize that you won't be able to pull the shades all the way down.

    For the 10' side, you could use up to two of the 59 1/16" side shades for the most coverage, or you could use a single larger shade for partial coverage, or a combination of smaller shades depending on your layout details and plant shading needs.

    For the 15' side, you could use up to three of the 59 1/16" side shades for the most coverage and flexibility, or you could mix and match other sizes depending on your needs and greenhouse layout - windows, benches, etc.

    As for how they move up and down, you pull them manually with the cord. There is always tension, with this model, and so you will need to attach the bottom to hold the shade extended. The shade kit comes with hooks to attach at the gutter extrusions to hold them in place. For the roof shades you rig the shade pull to run parallel to the roof, through an eyelet on the eave, so that you can pull the hanging cord straight up and down.

    Most customers find them fairly easy to install!

    Send email to info@mygreenhousestore.com and we'd be happy to send you some additional photos that might help you visualize how this all works.

  • I have a greenhouse and need shading from the top and side at only one side. Does the top shading also comes with one roll? Also the width I need is 2 x 68 and 1 x 90 inches. Are the width in coming is custom sizes too? Thanks, Monika

    These Hoklartherm shade cloth rolls only come in the sizes and combinations we have listed here: 8 feet long, and any of the six widths listed, and here https://mygreenhousestore.com/products/hoklartherm-retractable-shade-cloth-curtains-for-janssens-modern-greenhouses-white-aluminized - 10 feet long, 59 inches wide.

    We also sell a variety of external and internal shade cloths that might also work for you, and you can also order custom sizes and different transmission/reflection percentage shade cloths from us as well.