Janssens | 8x12.5x8 ft Junior Victorian J-VIC 24 Glass Greenhouse Kit With 4mm Tempered Glass Glazing



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This high quality classic Janssens 7ft 8in x 12ft 6in x 8ft 2in Junior Victorian J-VIC 24 Glass Greenhouse Kit with 4mm Tempered Glass Glazing provides the optimum environment for gardening year round while adding a delightful stately presence to any backyard setting.

The substantial aluminum framework, 4mm tempered glass panels and 5ft 2in side wall height combine to give you a comfortable interior workspace and a full view of your surroundings. The peak height is 8ft 2in. It has ample of room if you just want to use it as a small sunroom to enjoy the outdoor while you are shielded from the elements.

This Janssens Junior Victorian Glass Greenhouse measures 7ft 8in W x 12ft 6in L x 8ft 2in H and is available in Black Aluminum Frame. Other colors are also available for special order to match your decor. This Janssens Junior Victorian J-VIC 24 Glass Greenhouse Kit comes with

  • a sliding door
  • 2 roof windows with automatic openers
  • large gutters with downspouts
  • large bottom frame/base

Whether you are overwintering special or valuable plants from the cold, starting seedlings or creating a tropical jungle, you can enjoy years of maintenance-free use. The automatic roof openers, louvered window and misting system are included to allow you to control the environment within your greenhouse to your specific needs. An optional shade net is also available as an added accessory if you need more shade in your greenhouse.

It is perfect for use as a full featured greenhouse, a cozy jacuzzi house, a sunroom, a pool cover or a whimsical elegant outdoor entertainment space to extend your parties beyond your living room.

If you prefer to have a professional crew to install the greenhouse for you, call 888-648-5333 for a free consultation and quote.

  • Spacious large hobby greenhouse: 96 sq ft
  • Strong heavy duty "square" hollow tube framing with thick gauge
  • 4mm tempered glass glazing for safety and good insulation value. Glass is secured in place with heavy rubber sealing
  • 5ft 2in full height side wall provide excellent headroom along the interior sides, with an 8ft 2in overall height at peak
  • Decorative roof ridge adds a touch of English sophistication and to deter birds perching on the roof
  • 1 sliding door, can be installed on gable ends
  • 2 roof windows with automatic opener
  • Large gutters with downspouts
  • 4 inch high foundation base can anchor to bare level ground (anchor stakes provided), a wood platform, or a concrete slab
  • Made in Belgium
  • 15 Year Limited Warranty
  • Financing Available
  • Assembled Size: 7ft 8in W x 12ft 6in L x 8ft 2in H
  • Peak Height: 8ft 2in
  • Side Wall Height: 5ft 2in
  • Footage: 96 sq ft
  • Frame: Jet Black Aluminum
  • Glazing: 4mm Tempered Glass
  • Ships on 1 pallet and 2 long boxes, total weight of 1,120 lbs.

Janssens Junior Victorian Greenhouse Installation Manual

Janssens Victorian Hang Window Installation Manual

Janssens Victorian Fly Net Installation Manual


15 Year Limited Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jennifer Hampton (reviewed on Exaco.com)
Looks Beautiful

Great kit, looks beautiful and is well made. Love the communication I received from the company and the attention to detail. Thanks!

Janssens Buyer (reviewed on Exaco.com)
...a very robust greenhouse, was quick and fairly easy to build, and had some great customer supp...

Bought a Jr Vic 24 it was very easy to build. Took me 2 weeks only working 2 to 3 hours a day with like 5 days of no work due to being rained out. Everyone at Exaco that I talked to over the phone or in emails were very nice and were able to either answer my questions or get me to someone who could.

Couple delivery problems but eventually got all the items. First problem wasn't even Exaco's fault the freight company that delivered it to me didn't notice that it was 3 boxes and only gave me the glass at first but I got the other 2 boxes a few days later. Second I was missing the seed tray but Claudia sent that out right away after I told her it was missing.

The instructions are just pictures so sometimes it was a bit hard to see what to do. Even the video online was just a few animated slides again no narration not even a little bit of ambient music. Sometimes thought the video was buffering cause it lingered on a shot for so long and there was no sound. This is where I'm removing 1 star. Although I made it through the build it would have been much more helpful to have instructions with both pictures and worded instructions on what you're supposed to do.

Few hard points of the build. First was where the roof brace next to the wind supports there is no room so the support has to either be on top of the wind braces or below either way getting your fingers in there to try and put on a nut was difficult. Second the sliding glass door has a few self tapping screws in the bag but the head on them is huge making it so the sliding glass door couldn't be put on with them there. I just went to my tool box and found some flat head self tappers and put those in place and it worked really well. Finally the clips they provide in with the shade cloth kinda suck. They are good for the top of the greenhouse but not the sides, they are just a bit too long and will catch on the screws holding the center supports and then pop out of the plastic loops holding them. I just replaced them with some zip ties and now the shade cloth opens and closes much easier and without the shade cloth coming undone. I also ran out of the crescent shaped rubber seal but again I was offered more of it which is pretty cool that the people at Exaco would offer that.

Amazingly the part I thought would be hard, and was a little worried about when I decided to build it myself, was really easy. Putting the glass on was easier than building the frame. I was worried I'd be breaking glass and having to order more but the tool they give you made moving the glass around and setting it in place rather quick and painless.

All in all it feels like a very robust greenhouse, was quick and fairly easy to build, and had some great customer support when needed and because of that I'll add back in the star I removed before because their service is just that helpful. 5/5 stars from me. Big thanks to David, Claudia, Lorraine, and Alan over at Exaco.

Questions & Answers

Have a Question?

Ask a Question
  • Can this J-VIC 24 greenhouse be mounted on a wall and have the door open at ground level?

    Yes! ALL the Juniors now come with an option for mounting on a 15.75” high knee wall or ground mount. All parts are included in the kit.

  • I have a pony wall built, do you have a door drop kit for it?

    There are 5 basic cases when it comes to building this greenhouse on an stem wall / pony wall, that depend on the exact wall height:

    12" or shorter - The kit already includes parts needed to build a drop door in this case, except the small glass transom piece which you will have to order locally.
    More than 12" but less than 15 3/4" - That require more discussion, because the top frame of the door and the top p[late of the greenhouse wall may interfere.
    Exactly 15 3/4" - The kit already comes with parts and glass to build a drop door in this case.  The top of the door will be the top of the wall, so that in this case the door can be on the gable end or the side wall.
    More than 15 3/4" and less than 18" - That require more discussion, because the top frame of the door and the top plate of the greenhouse wall may interfere.
    18" or higher - The kit already includes some parts needed to build a drop door in this case, except the small glass transom piece which you will have to order locally.  In addition, you will need to order a separate drop door kit and the low threshold kit, to give the door a frame.  The hinged door comes with a full frame, so no low threshold kit is needed in that case.

    Sliding door considations with a wall / drop door:
    * The sliding door slides on the outside of the greenhouse and the wall, so the greenhouse frame and wall outer surface must be well aligned so that the door's brush seal will slide to open and close the door, and seal when the door is closed.  
    * You can always upgrade to a hinged door instead of the sliding door, as long as the opening in your pony wall is 27 3/4" or wider.  This allows the greenhouse to be set anywhere e.g. the center of the pony wall.  The hinged door comes with a door stop to use to prevent the door from hitting the wall (e.g. to hold it at 90 degrees). 

    When the pony wall is 15 3/4" or higher, the top of the sliding or hinged door will not intrude up into the gable - it will be at or below the top plate of the side or end wall of the greenhouse, so the door can be located in the gable end or along a side wall.

    Give us a call at 888-648-5333 to discuss your project, and we can talk through this.