Janssens | Arcadia Lean-To Glass Greenhouse/Sunroom with 4mm Tempered Glass Glazing



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The Janssens Arcadia Lean-To is a functional greenhouse or sunroom with a beautiful modern minimalist style. This model is available in various sizes and can easily be adapted to the available space.

The multiple skylights in the Janssens Arcadia Lean-To Greenhouse make it possible to provide optimum ventilation. The construction of the greenhouse against a wall offers many creative possibilities for the gardener and also make it convenience for you to reach out from the house when you need some fresh herbs or veggies to add to your salad within a few feet. 

The Arcadia Lean-to can also be a cozy sunroom that you dream of.  Whether you sit in the sunroom to sip your hot coffee in the morning and listen to the birds, or enjoy the sun and chit-chat with your loved ones during winter time and be protected from the element is a fantastic way to connect to outdoor and nature.  Nature Therapy is the best medicine to keep you well.

This greenhouse is also an excellent choice for a hobby gardener who does not want to worry about the maintenance of a greenhouse. The high-quality aluminum profiles and 4mm tempered glass make it sturdy, safe and high insulation value.  It's made to last to do its job.  The bold 15 Year Limited Warranty will give you a peace of mind.

If you prefer to have a professional crew to install the greenhouse for you, call 888-648-5333 for a free consultation and quote.

Specifications of the Arcadia 5×15
  • Footprint: 75 sf
  • Dimensions: 5ft 2in x 15ft
  • Peak height (exterior): 110in
  • Gutter height: 79in
  • Included in the Arcadia 5×15 Glass Greenhouse kit:
    Frame, glazing, rubber seals, and hardware
    2 roof vents with 1x auto and 1x manual opener
    2 push-out side windows with manual openers
    1 single sliding door - 27.5in x 70.5in
    Gutter with downspout
    Assembly manual

Specifications of the Arcadia Plus 8×15
  • Footprint: 120 sf
  • Dimensions: 7ft 7in x 15ft 
  • Peak height (exterior): 114in
  • Gutter height: 80in
  • Included in the Arcadia Plus 8×15 Glass Greenhouse kit:
    Frame, glazing, rubber seals, and hardware
    2 roof vents with 1x auto and 1x manual opener
    1 louver window with auto opener
    2 push-out side windows with manual openers
    1 single sliding door - 27.5in x 70.5in
    Gutter with downspout
    Assembly manual

Specifications of the Arcadia Plus 10×15
  • Footprint: 150 sf
  • Dimensions: 10x15 ft
  • Peak height (exterior): 114in
  • Gutter height: 80in
  • Included in the Arcadia Plus 10×15 Glass Greenhouse kit:
    Frame, glazing, rubber seals, and hardware
    2 roof vents with 1x auto and 1x manual opener
    1 louver window with auto opener
    2 push-out side windows with manual openers
    1 double hinged door - 74.75in x 59.5in
    Gutter with downspout
    Assembly manual

15 Limited Years Warranty

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  • Hi, I am looking for something similar to Janssens | Arcadia Lean-To Glass Greenhouse/Sunroom with 4mm Tempered Glass Glazing Does it come in custom sizes? Might need 20 ft long 10 ft tall?

    The Arcadia gutter height (the side away from the house) can be either 72 or 80 inches, and of course you can also build it on a stem wall and with drop doors (so the doors open at grade level) to make it taller overall. For the ridge side (attached to the house), that can be from 115 to 150 inches when using the taller gutter height. The length and width can be configured from a tiny 33x93 inches (roughly 3x8 feet) all the way up to a huge 120x471 inches (roughly 10x39 feet). Give us a call at 888-648-5333 to discuss your project and get a design and quote.

  • Can you have folding multi doors instead of patio doors.

    We have single and double sliding doors that slide on the outside of the greenhouse, and hinged doors that open out like a regular house door and fit into the frame. No folding multi-panel doors though.

  • I live in Ottawa Canada. Cold winters and lots of snow. Does it work for my area.

    We have just begun selling more of the lean to models so we don’t have anyone that can attest to that particular model in your area. We do not have a structural certification or building permit set certification for the Arcadia models as they are such a site-specific build and depends on the building supporting it as well as the attachment method and hardware. If you need anything like this, we can put you in touch with our engineering firm – but we do not cover this cost.

    We can speak on the standard gabled Janssens Victorians and the Moderns though. The Moderns are the build that is closest to the Arcadia – both the Modern and the larger Arcadias use the same aluminum roof extrusions, although the Modern does have an additional triangular support. However, the Arcadia will be fully attached and supported by the existing structure. We can send you the structural certifications for the Modern to look through if you want. Contact us at info@mygreenhousestore.com to request these.

    We recommend with any greenhouse that any heavy snow is cleared as soon as it can be to relieve the pressure on the structure, but also to let the sunlight in to heat the greenhouse.

    Over the years, we have probably sold 30 or more Janssens’ greenhouses into Canada – we have not heard of any weather or snow issues from those customers.

    These are single pane (uninsulated) greenhouses when built with 4mm tempered glass. They can also be ordered with 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels instead for the roof, or for both the roof and side panels. The 10mm polycarbonate material has a higher insulation value. The greenhouse will heat up quickly on sunny days, but will need to be heated during cold cloudy days and at night if it is below freezing outside. You can use one of the online greenhouse heater calculators to get a good idea of what might be expected/required to maintain temperatures above the minimum for your particular plants or other usage. It is good to be realistic about what you are using the greenhouse for and what temperature you are trying to achieve.

    Lean to greenhouses do have some great advantages, based on orientation and placement:

    Depending on the structure it is placed against the building would likely be an insulated structure, with easy access to water, electricity, and natural gas if needed.
    If the greenhouse is facing the direction of the sun during the day, you will get a lot of heat gain.
    If the wall is brick or stone – this can act as a great heat sink to release heat during the nights too.

    Lean to greenhouses are considered an advanced build as they are attached to an existing structure – a very skilled handyman/contractor is recommended.

  • What colors does this come in? Looks like white and black? Any other colors? And are there screens on the window + skylights?

    You can order this in unpainted aluminum, or in one of the Standard or Special colors (listed below). Special colors will have added cost and shipping lead time.

    Fly screens are an available extra-cost option for the tilt or louvered windows and roof vents.

    Standard colors:
    Jet Black (RAL 9005m)
    Fir Green (RAL 6009m)
    Pure White (RAL 9010m)

    Special colors:
    RAL 1000m - Green beige
    RAL 1000m - Beige
    RAL 1002m - Sand yellow
    RAL 1003m - Signal yellow
    RAL 1004m - Golden yellow
    RAL 1005m - Honey yellow
    RAL 1006m - Maize yellow
    RAL 1007m - Daffodil yellow
    RAL 1011m - Brown beige
    RAL 1012m - Lemon yellow
    RAL 1013m - Oyster white
    RAL 1014m - Ivory
    RAL 1015m - Light ivory
    RAL 1016m - Sulfur yellow
    RAL 1017m - Saffron yellow
    RAL 1018m - Zinc yellow
    RAL 1019m - Grey beige
    RAL 1020m - Olive yellow
    RAL 1021m - Rape yellow
    RAL 1023m - Traffic yellow
    RAL 1024m - Ochre yellow
    RAL 1026m - Luminous yellow
    RAL 1027m - Curry
    RAL 1028m - Melon yellow
    RAL 1032m - Broom yellow
    RAL 1033m - Dahlia yellow
    RAL 1034m - Pastel yellow
    RAL 1035m - Pearl beige
    RAL 1036m - Pearl gold
    RAL 1037m - Sun yellow
    RAL 2000m - Yellow orange
    RAL 2001m - Red orange
    RAL 2002m - Vermilion
    RAL 2003m - Pastel orange
    RAL 2004m - Pure orange
    RAL 2005m - Luminous orange
    RAL 2007m - Luminous bright orange
    RAL 2008m - Bright red orange
    RAL 2009m - Traffic orange
    RAL 2004m - Signal orange
    RAL 2011m - Deep orange
    RAL 2012m - Salmon range
    RAL 2013m - Pearl orange
    RAL 3000m - Flame red
    RAL 3001m - Signal red
    RAL 3002m - Carmine red
    RAL 3003m - Ruby red
    RAL 3004m - Purple red
    RAL 3005m - Wine red
    RAL 3007m - Black red
    RAL 3009m - Oxide red
    RAL 3011m - Brown red
    RAL 3012m - Beige red
    RAL 3013m - Tomato red
    RAL 3014m - Antique pink
    RAL 3015m - Light pink
    RAL 3016m - Coral red
    RAL 3017m - Rose
    RAL 3018m - Strawberry red
    RAL 3020m - Traffic red
    RAL 3022m - Salmon pink
    RAL 3024m - Luminous red
    RAL 3026m - Luminous bright red
    RAL 3027m - Raspberry red
    RAL 3028m - Pure red
    RAL 3031m - Orient red
    RAL 3032m - Pearl ruby red
    RAL 3033m - Pearl pink
    RAL 4001m - Red lilac
    RAL 4002m - Red violet
    RAL 4003m - Heather violet
    RAL 4004m - Claret violet
    RAL 4005m - Blue lilac
    RAL 4006m - Traffic purple
    RAL 4007m - Purple violet
    RAL 4008m - Signal violet
    RAL 4009m - Pastel violet
    RAL 4010m - Telemagenta
    RAL 4011m - Pearl violet
    RAL 4012m - Pearl black berry
    RAL 5001m - Green blue
    RAL 5002m - Ultramarine blue
    RAL 5003m - Saphire blue
    RAL 5004m - Black blue
    RAL 5005m - Signal blue
    RAL 5007m - Brillant blue
    RAL 5008m - Grey blue
    RAL 5009m - Azure blue
    RAL 5010m - Gentian blue
    RAL 5011m - Steel blue
    RAL 5012m - Light blue
    RAL 5013m - Cobalt blue
    RAL 5014m - Pigeon blue
    RAL 5015m - Sky blue
    RAL 5017m - Traffic blue
    RAL 5018m - Turquoise blue
    RAL 5019m - Capri blue
    RAL 5020m - Ocean blue
    RAL 5021m - Water blue
    RAL 5022m - Night blue
    RAL 5023m - Distant blue
    RAL 5024m - Pastel blue
    RAL 5025m - Pearl gentian blue
    RAL 5026m - Pearl night blue
    RAL 6000m - Patina green
    RAL 6001m - Emerald green
    RAL 6002m - Leaf green
    RAL 6003m - Olive green
    RAL 6004m - Blue green
    RAL 6005m - Moss green
    RAL 6006m - Grey olive
    RAL 6007m - Bottle green
    RAL 6008m - Brown green
    RAL 6010m - Grass green
    RAL 6011m - Reseda green
    RAL 6012m - Black green
    RAL 6013m - Reed green
    RAL 6014m - Yellow olive
    RAL 6015m - Black olive
    RAL 6016m - Turquoise green
    RAL 6017m - May green
    RAL 6018m - Yellow green
    RAL 6019m - Pastel green
    RAL 6020m - Chrome green
    RAL 6021m - Pale green
    RAL 6022m - Olive drab
    RAL 6024m - Traffic green
    RAL 6025m - Fern green
    RAL 6026m - Opal green
    RAL 6027m - Light green
    RAL 6028m - Pine green
    RAL 6029m - Mint green
    RAL 6032m - Signal green
    RAL 6033m - Mint turquoise
    RAL 6034m - Pastel turquoise
    RAL 6035m - Pearl green
    RAL 6036m - Pearl opal green
    RAL 6037m - Pure green
    RAL 6038m - Luminous green
    RAL 7000m - Squirrel grey
    RAL 7001m - Silver grey
    RAL 7002m - Olive grey
    RAL 7003m - Moss grey
    RAL 7004m - Signal grey
    RAL 7005m - Mouse grey
    RAL 7006m - Beige grey
    RAL 7006m - Beige grey
    RAL 7009m - Green grey
    RAL 7010m - Tarpaulin grey
    RAL 7011m - Iron grey
    RAL 7012m - Basalt grey
    RAL 7013m - Brown grey
    RAL 7015m - Slate grey
    RAL 7016m - Anthracite grey
    RAL 7021m - Black grey
    RAL 7022m - Umbra grey
    RAL 7023m - Concrete grey
    RAL 7024m - Graphite grey
    RAL 7026m - Granite grey
    RAL 7030m - Stone grey
    RAL 7031m - Blue grey
    RAL 7032m - Pebble grey
    RAL 7033m - Cement grey
    RAL 7034m - Yellow grey
    RAL 7035m - Light grey
    RAL 7036m - Platinum grey
    RAL 7037m - Dusty grey
    RAL 7038m - Agate grey
    RAL 7039m - Quartz grey
    RAL 7040m - Window grey
    RAL 7042m - Traffic grey A
    RAL 7043m - Traffic grey B
    RAL 7044m - Silk grey
    RAL 7048m - Pearl mouse grey
    RAL 8000m - Green brown
    RAL 8001m - Ochre brown
    RAL 8002m - Signal brown
    RAL 8003m - Clay brown
    RAL 8004m - Copper brown
    RAL 8007m - Fawn brown
    RAL 8008m - Olive brown
    RAL 8011m - Nut brown
    RAL 8012m - Red brown
    RAL 8014m - Sepia brown
    RAL 8015m - Chestnut brown
    RAL 8016m - Mahogany brown
    RAL 8017m - Chocolate brown
    RAL 8019m - Grey brown
    RAL 8022m - Black brown
    RAL 8023m - Orange brown
    RAL 8024m - Beige brown
    RAL 8025m - Pale brown
    RAL 8028m - Terra brown
    RAL 8029m - Pearl copper
    RAL 9001m - Cream
    RAL 9002m - Grey white
    RAL 9003m - Signal white
    RAL 9004m - Signal black
    RAL 9006m - White aluminium
    RAL 9007m - Grey aluminium
    RAL 9011m - Graphite black
    RAL 9016m - Traffic white
    RAL 9017m - Traffic black
    RAL 9018m - Papyrus white
    RAL 9022m - Pearl light grey
    RAL 9023m - Pearl dark grey

  • Does this glass have any insulation value? Would I be able to keep this heated in the winter time? Can the roof hold snow in the winter?

    The Arcadia is available in 4mm tempered glass with an R-value of about 0.95, or 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate with an R-value of about 1.9.  Yes, the Arcadia is well sealed and can be kept heated in the winter time. 

    We do not yet have a structural certification with an exact snow load for the Arcadia, we expect that to be in the range of 20-28 pounds per square foot or more.  In general you should remove snow from the roof before it reaches 1 ft in depth, and before it has a chance to compact or form ice due to heating and cooling. As a basic rule of thumb, typical snow weighs approximately 15 pounds per cubic foot, or 1.25 pounds per inch of depth.

    Depending on moisture content and compaction, a cubic foot of snow can weigh from as little as 5-7 pounds for dry light fluffy snow, to 12-16 pounds for fresh wet snow, to 20 pounds or more for drifted compacted snow.  NOTE: Any ice build-up on the roof would need to be added to these weights.

    We recommend removing snow from your greenhouse roof immediately, rather than waiting for it to build up.  You should check and remove snow at least daily as needed during heavy snow season.

    Check out our double-pane insulated Livingten greenhouse here - https://mygreenhousestore.com/products/hoklartherm-11-5-ft-wide-10-5-ft-tall-livingten-double-pane-insulated-glass-greenhouse-kit-with-22mm-iso-safety-glass-glazing-three-sizes?_pos=1&_sid=855c0ffba&_ss=r