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Designed and produced in Australia from mostly recycled materials, this stylish yet customizable worm farm fits seamlessly into any area around your home. Unlike other bulky worm farms the Maze Farm will not only take up a small space even if using multiples (vertical shelving available) but will look good on your balcony, deck or garden. Featuring 2 working trays which can be rotated avoiding the need for more trays. The stacking trays and the base utilize optimal aeration. The open drain in the base ensures worm tea is not building up and lets air flow from the bottom of the farm. The worm saver tray stops the worms falling through to the bottom and is easily pulled out to scrape the worm castings and make sure it stays clean to ensure good liquid and air flow. A 2 liter flat collection tray sits under the worm farm to ensure the rich worm tea is collected as it drains.

This starter kit includes 4 plastic legs to elevate the worm farm higher off the ground and one pound of red wiggler worms.

  • Includes Maze Worm Farm, 1- Coconut Peat Block, 4 -9.2 in plastic legs, and 1 lb of Red Wiggler worms
  • Optimal airflow for worms
  • 2 working trays to rotate when full
  • Easy sliding worm-saver tray
  • Liquid collection tray
  • Easy to lift and hang lid Lightweight and portable
  • Made from recycled material diverted from landfill
  • Made in Australia

Estimated Arrival: Between Aug 23 and Aug 30.