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The Riverstone MONT Solar Powered Ventilation System is designed to control the temperature in your greenhouse during the hot and cooler months. Most plants will not flower and fruit at temperatures over 85 degrees. To get them to flower temperature control is key. Our commercial fan, exhaust louvers, and commercial thermostat are all made in the USA and our solar panel can produce more than 2 times the needed power to operate the fan at 100%, allowing for future options such as lighting and heating. The MONT Solar Ventilation System allows for off the grid operation, getting power to your greenhouse where you need it. The system is easily retrofitted to other non-MONT greenhouses as well. The system can easily be set-up to run through a deep cycle marine battery to allow for power on demand, with or without the sun's power.

  • 18 inch Commercial Ventilation Fan
  • Aluminum 5 louvered fan cover
  • Commercial thermostat
  • 40 amp solar panel with mounting brackets
  • Instructions for battery powerpack set-up
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Solar powered
  • Assembly Required
  • Dimensions: 24" (L) x 24"(W) x 8"(H)
  • Product Weight (LB): 21
  • WARRANTY: 3 year limited warranty
Assembly Instructions


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Questions & Answers

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  • The fan, charge controller and battery backup are all being included in a grant request for my school. I need an estimate of the cost of the charge controller and battery backup. Can you help me with that? Does the system need a vent on the opposite side of the greenhouse? I have not purchased a Monticello greenhouse, but am considering installing the fan in an 800 square foot (20' x 40') hoop house wrapped in a 6 mil poly.

    The charge controller and battery backup are an aftermarket purchase.   We do not sell them.   As a rough idea the charge controller (up to 6 amps) should cost between $50-$100 in the marketplace.   The battery for the backup should be a deep cycle / marine battery (12 amps) - this looks like a car battery.  This could cost between $150-$300.  Have not priced these items out in a long time but I added a little due to the economy and inflation to provide a better idea.  I would suggest that you would need at least two of the solar powered ventilation systems for the size of greenhouse you are working with.

    Here is an example charge controller you might want to buy, and that site also sells batteries: 

    Since this is not a MONT greenhouse a wall vent system would be needed.   This is our item #RSI-WV.   It is a 18" square louvered vent.   We do not provide instructions for installing the solar ventilation system or the louvers in a hoop house.  That would be up to you to figure out how best to cut the film and build supports to hold the fan and louvers in place.  I would suggest at least 2 louvered windows for the size of greenhouse you are working with.  They operate on a temperature actuator (no electricity needed) that opens the louvers when it gets warm and closes when it cools down.

  • I am interested in this fan, but would like information on battery backup.

    The system can easily be set-up to run through a deep cycle marine battery to allow for power on demand, with or without the sun's power.  Instructions for battery power pack set-up are included.  Here is a link to the Assembly Manual, showing wiring hookup for a battery.