Santa Barbara | 6ft or 9ft Wide Deluxe Redwood Lean-To Glass Greenhouse/Sunroom Premium Package, 3/16 in Glass Glazing, Pre-assembled Panels

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The design of Santa Barbara 6ft or 9ft wide Deluxe Redwood Lean-To Greenhouse/Sun Room in Glass or Polycarbonate is charming and functional. Redwood is the perfect material for a Greenhouse, is unsurpassed as a garden structure, and is the most compatible with an upscale residential environment. No doubt, it is one of America’s finest greenhouses for gardeners and homeowners.

The Santa Barbara Deluxe Lean-to Glass / Polycarbonate Greenhouse/Sun Room is the best engineered redwood lean-to greenhouse available in the market today. Redwood is resistant to weather, insects, decay and should last a lifetime with no special treatment. High quality knot-free California redwood is carefully chosen for its beauty and durability. The studs and rafters in these deluxe models are double that of the Standard line. The modular sections are bolted together and the side panels are glazed with either 3/16 inch thick tempered glass or 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate of your choice. The roof panels are 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate.

A lean-to greenhouse can fit into a narrow space against your house or garage. If located against your house it will reduce heating costs. If placed over a door or window the heat from your home can be utilized to maintain growing temperatures throughout winter. Another advantage is the easy access from your home into your greenhouse. Locate your greenhouse where it will receive the most sunlight possible from November through January.

Custom lengths in 'half-panel' (2 ft) increments can be ordered: call 888-648-5333 for a quote.

An extra door at the other end of the greenhouse can be ordered for $450, call us at 888-648-5333.

Drop door framing and glass adjustments can be done, we'll need the exact measurement from top of sill to the walk in grade level for the door - call for a quote: 888-648-5333

The Premium Package Includes:

This premium glass greenhouse package includes every hardware you need to equip your greenhouse and give you a kick start from the get go. You just need to add plants and smile.

  • Deluxe Redwood Greenhouse
  • Full Length Clear California Redwood Bench(es) - 1 bench in 6 ft models, 2 benches in 9 ft models
  • Automatic Mist System with timer control.
  • Exhaust Fan - the exhaust fan attaches to the roof, and blows up through an open roof vent. 
  • Thermostat controls the exhaust fan.
  • Heavy Duty 5000BTU Heater - 20 ft and 24 ft long greenhouses will include 2 heaters. Add additional 5000BTU heater(s) for $75 each.  Upgrade to 220V 19k BTU heater available for an added $245 each
  • Roof Vent(s) - 6x8 has one vent. 6x12, 6x20, 9x8, 9x12, 9x16, 9x20 have two vents.  6x24, 9x24 have three roof vents.
  • Automatic Solar Roof Vent Openers, one per roof vent.  These can be adjusted to open the vents at different temperatures.
  • Intake air vents (the number depends on the size of the greenhouse - for example the 9x16 has two).  These do not come with automatic openers, you can add automatic openers to them, for $90 each.
  • Sunscreen Shade Cloth - 4ft-wide roll with the length generously sized depending on the length of the greenhouse.  For example with a 9x16 you will get a 60ft roll, for you to cut as desired.  You provide your own grommeting or other arrangement such as hooks, curtain rods, etc. to hang this or otherwise use this.

Easy Assembly

This Santa Barbara Deluxe Lean-to Greenhouse comes with completely finished panels, which are ready to bolt together as soon as you have the site prepped including a 4x4 or 4x6 frame footing that the greenhouse will bolt or screw onto. The pre-assembled panels speed up your assembly process considerably. All parts are pre-cut and pre-drilled at the factory by skilled craftsmen and all the hardware is sorted for your convenience. It is easy to assemble with help and can be put together in just 2 to 3 days.

Clear and fully-illustrated instructions are included. Technical support is available directly from the manufacturer if needed. The Santa Barbara Deluxe Redwood Lean-To Glass Greenhouse will not only increase the value of your home, but also provide you and your family years of use and enjoyment.

Santa Barbara Greenhouses/Sun Rooms are made entirely in America.


  • CUSTOM ORDERS, NO RETURN - Most Santa Barbara greenhouse kits are built to order and will ship in 2-4 weeks or less.  Call for a more specific arrival estimate for your specific model.  They cannot be returned.  Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.
  • BUILDING RESTRICTIONS - Please check with your Home Owners Association and local zoning office for any required permits and issues pertaining to zoning, setbacks, or restrictive covenants.
  • IMAGE DISCLAIMER - Some greenhouse images may not be to scale or represent the true size but are for demonstration purposes only. Greenhouse images may contain optional contents or accessories such as furniture or shelving that are not included.
  • SEALING NEEDS - No gaskets are needed though foam or rubber weather stripping can be use along with color-matched caulking to create a watertight seal against the attached structure.
  • Framing made of untreated and unstained natural redwood that is sustainably harvested in northern California
  • Kiln-dried redwood does not require painting and will not rust, corrode, crack, or be affected by temperature changes
  • Deluxe kit is modular which doubles the studs and rafters as you bolt the sections together, giving it twice the framing of a Standard kit
  • Deluxe kit has panels that are set into a groove in the wood and trimmed with a 1" x 2" cover while in Standard kits the panels are simply screwed to the inside of the frame
  • Glazing Choices (choose one):
    • 3/16" tempered glass side panels with polycarbonate roof
      • R value is ~1.2 for tempered glass
      • Tempered allows complete light transmission
    • 6mm translucent polycarbonate side panels with polycarbonate roof
    • R value is ~1.8 for polycarbonate
    • Polycarbonate filters harmful UV-rays and allows about 90% light transmission
  • Hinged French door with 10 panes of tempered glass: 32x80 inches
  • One roof vent for ventilation on smaller sizes, 2 roof vents on larger sizes
  • One bottom side vents: approximately 18" width x 48" length, two vents on larger sizes.  You can add auto-openers to these vents as well, for $90 each.
  • High side walls maximize internal growing space as compared with greenhouse that have sloped sides or dome shapes
  • Small plants can be hung from rafters
  • All necessary heavy-duty galvanized hardware is included
  • Includes steel brackets and lag bolts for attaching to a home; customer will supply expansion bolts if needed, and is responsible for any additional means needed to seal the greenhouse to the house.
  • All parts are pre-cut and pre-drilled. The kit is designed for simple assembly in 2-3 days
  • Detailed installation guide with pictures and step-by-step instructions
  • Friendly technical support available from Santa Barbara Greenhouses for installation help
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Financing available through Affirm or PayPal.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 6ft wide and 9ft wide are available. Please see the size selection, above.
  • Peak Height for 6 ft wide greenhouse: 8ft 1in
  • Peak Height for 9 ft wide greenhouse: 9ft 1in
  • Side Wall Height: 6ft
  • Panel Width: 4ft

10 year limited warranty on polycarbonate
1 year limited warranty on parts
Santa Barbara Greenhouses guarantees against defects in manufacturing and workmanship

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Questions & Answers

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  • Looking for 16x9 greenhouse. Per city requirements, I Need manufacturer wind 114 mph and snow load 25 psf certificate information required for permit before purchase in Westmont, IL can you please provide these specs so I can submit for permit.

    We have the RIGA 4 and RIGA 5, they have an engineering structural certification letter to 120 MPH 3-second gusts and 30 PSF ground-snow load. Contact us via email at and we can provide the engineering certification letter and a permit set of documents.

  • This 6x8 unit will be attached to the existing house. Entry will be through the shared wall - can I buy a 6x8 with no door?

    Yes, we can provide just the building with no door.

  • Can we order a small sized deluxe redwood leanto - 6 x 6 feet?

    The smallest size we can make is 6 x 8 ft.

  • Can the Santa Barbara Deluxe 9 ft lean to model have a door in a different location? I am hoping to have a door on the right front side or centered on the long front wall.

    In the standard configuration, the door can be on either end and can open either way (into or out of the greenhouse), your choice.  You can also optionally purchase a second door to have one on both ends.   You cannot have the door on the long wall, as the height of the long wall is not quite enough for the door frame to fit!   

    There are also some customizations that we can do, at extra cost:

    * You can have the door next to the house (but not on the panel farthest away from the house on the end) instead of centered on the end. 

    * You can also put the greenhouse up on a wall and have the door framing extended down 'drop door' style to have the door open at ground level on the end.

    * Our builder cannot customize the design for a door on the long side.  If you build the greenhouse up on a wall, so that there is enough height available, the best we can do is drop 1 side wall section and then you can have your contractor locally modify / construct a door into that space.

    * In a situation where you were going to have a contractor modify the greenhouse kit locally for a special case (for example you have a custom stained glass window you want to insert, or you have a complex foundation situation, or the long wall door concept I mentioned above) we can also sell you the redwood pieces in some extended lengths such as the studs, window framing pieces, and other construction components, so that your local customization could exactly match the existing materials on the rest of the kit.

    I hope this helps!  Feel free to give us a call or reach us via email to discuss your project, as well. 

  • can the side panels be shortened to allow a kneewall

    Normally we just lengthen the door section to create a 'drop door' so there would be more height inside the building while keeping the door at walk in level.  We don't have an option to shorten the whole building though.

  • Can I add a second door on the other end?

    Yes, for an additional $450 charge, you can add a second door at the time of your order.  Call us at 888-648-5333 to discuss.

  • Can I place the door at either end?

    Yes!  Let us know at the time of your order which side you want the door on.

  • Can you custom make it 6x14? Can we buy it without the premium add ons and just get the wood and glass shell?

    YES, we can custom order a 6x14!  The pricing would be the same as the 6x16 - Deluxe Redwood Leanto, Pre-assembled glass panels.  Greenhouse kit only (no premium package).  Price: $8,500.  No refund, no return on a custom build.  Please call to order: 888-648-5333.

    A clarification just in case: the roof of all the Santa Barbara greenhouses is twin wall polycarbonate - they don't build anything with overhead glass.

  • What is the cost of a 6x12 Redwood lean to without all the extras (Premium Package)

    If you want to purchase the Santa Barbara Redwood Lean-to 6x12 without the accessories, the price is $7999.  Feel free to contact us at 888-648-5333 if you have more questions.

    Here are the prices for a couple other sizes without the complete premium package (the building only): 9x12 = $10110.62 and 9x16 = $12326.08